[ardour-users] novation remote 25sl controller

plutek plutek at infinity.net
Mon Jun 12 09:14:43 PDT 2006

On Mon, 12 Jun 2006 12:10:50 -0400
plutek <plutek at infinity.net> wrote:

> having followed recent discussions about the tascam us-2400 and the bcf2000, i've attempted to get my novation controller working with ardour.
> rotary controls and faders map to controls in ardour, using ctrl-middlebutton, with no trouble. there are also transport buttons, which are assigned to mmc rewind, forward, stop, play and record; these do not operate the transport in ardour.
> i've followed the bcf2000 setup on the ardour site -- it doesn't seem to give any details about the transport functions, except to note that they are mapped to mmc messages. the implication is that those work without issue.
> anyone have any bright ideas about what's going on here?

oops.... sorry for the wasted bandwidth; i just set the mmc device i.d. on the controller to 1, instead of 0, and everything works.



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