[ardour-users] ardour crash in splice mode

Orm Finnendahl finnendahl at folkwang-hochschule.de
Wed Jun 7 08:41:45 PDT 2006

Am 07. Juni 2006, 11:28 Uhr (-0400) schrieb Jesse Chappell:
> OK, I see now.  I think the case where a cut just moves regions
> touching the cut area could be implemented as a special Splice Cut
> operation.

The same idea occured to me after writing the mail. This seems much
more consistent and doesn't break older behaviour. But IMO there
should also be some edit operation called "splice-trim-start" and
"splice-trim-end" for fine tuning the splice cut (maybe mouse based
with some modifier key depressed?).

> As for the case where all the following regions shift up
> in time, that might call for a 3rd edit mode (Smart Splice?).

Sounds excellent to me. And it would outperform all other HDWs in
flexibility ;-)


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