[ardour-users] Sidechained 15 Band EQ Plugin

Neil Nelson xxx at mphmedia.net
Tue Jun 6 21:50:03 PDT 2006

mbeqA_1304 (Multiband EQ Sidechained) is a modification of Steve Harris'
15 band EQ mbeq_1197. mbeq_1197 performs an FFTW on the input and
multiplies the resulting coefficients by the the values of the EQ
sliders and then performs a reverse FFTW to recreate the signal a the
new frequencly levels (and it appears any number of bands could be
easily implemented).

mbeqA_1304 performs the FFTW on both the sidechain and the signal input
and then multiplies the the input coefficients by the sidechain
coefficients and then performs the reverse FFTW to create the modified
signal. The manual sliders remain and will work as in mbeq_1197.

The effect is to apply the tonal quality and volume envelope from the
sidechain signal to the input signal. I just tried a lead voice as the
sidechain on a distorted rhythm guitar with rather striking results. The
guitar seems to sing the vocal lead.

The plugin port setup is the same as the prior modified plugins. The
sidechain is channel 1 (left) and the signal to be modified is on
channel 2 (right). The code is now in the download


I hope to get the download cleaned up for just the new plugins shortly.


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