[ardour-users] using mtc/smpte to sync ardour with smpte enabled pro video cameras

Andrew Johnston andyandtaya at gmail.com
Sun Jul 23 05:39:10 PDT 2006

In the not too distant future I may be looking at using a setup for live
concert/drama recordings that will comprise of an ardour system to live
multi-track audio record, and 1 or 2 pro video cameras to put together a
dvd.  I was thinking that the whole job of synchronisation would be much
easier if I could run the same timecode to the camera/s and to ardour.  My
question is, how would one achieve this?  I currently have ardour set up to
my behringer ddx3216 desk and sending mtc and mmc quite nicely, however it
seems that the desk is designed to only receive timecode and not transmit
it.  This means currently I can control the ardour transport and location
marker with my desk, while ardour sends time code.....which is perfectly
fine.  However in a more complex environment, I'm not sure how I could
achieve this.  I could send to the midi-thru on my desk to a piece of
hardware that would translate the timecode into a more standard form for
video cameras (via rg6 terminated with bnc I believe?), if such a piece of
hardware existed!  Or I could Get an external timecode generator and make
ardour and the cameras a slave.  Question is, how/does ardour receive smpte
timecode through the normal means of an audio connection?  Also I have an
RME HDSP9652 card, so it's inputs are all ADAT with BNC for wordclock, and
midi in/out, no analog.

In the past when syncing two video angles together in an editor I just
enabled both audio tracks from each camera and aligned them until it was
synced and then muted out the second audio track, however it was quite a
time consuming process, and I'm hoping for a better way (and one that
doesn't involve forking out $100,000 for a post-production suite!).

Andy J
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