[ardour-users] tmpfs jack problem

chris chris.m.simpson at gmail.com
Sat Jul 15 06:51:37 PDT 2006

actually, there is one other semi major difference, i'm not running the
RT kernel patches on my kernel ( vanilla kernel), and only
running with the PREEMPT scheduling option (i tried one patch with the
above version, and i think it was mismatched, i haven't really gotten
round to trying another combination yet..). i don't know if the SMP also
affects any of this..

On Sat, 2006-07-15 at 23:46 +1000, chris wrote:
> hey all,
>    have been trucking on with ardour2 (from cvs/svn) for the last few
> months, and i suprise myself with the possibilities... anyway.. I just
> got a new laptop that i'm hoping to hook up with a freebob device a
> little later (when my bank account has recovered).. so i'm really just
> playing around at getting all the other stuff sort of ready before i get
> it.. but i'm not having much luck getting ramfs/realtime jack working.
>    the specs of the laptop are (Dell d820) running FC5, 1.83Ghz Intel
> Core Duo (T2400), 2GB ram (677Mhz FSB), SATA 100GB Drive, and the
> onboard sound is hda-intel, which is working fine with gstreamer. the
> only other thing of note is i'm running Xgl/Compiz, but this didn't pose
> a problem on my desktop machine running pretty much the same setup
> setup, with much lower specs.
>    i've setup the tmpfs mount and /etc/security/limits.conf. jack
> doesn't crash in non-realtime mode, but does in real time, after about 2
> seconds, yet interestingly allocates the space it needs in the tmpfs
> mount (so it's not a FIFO permissions thing). yet when i umount tmpfs,
> and run jack with realtime, i get pretty much the same output (and
> crash). i can't find much info on the snd-hda-intel card/driver, which
> is the only major difference from my desktop machine (desktop runs a
> delta44), so a thought was it's the card or driver, but then it works
> perfectly with gstreamer and as a raw alsa - /dev/dsp or whatever
> device.
>    so any thoughts or known issues you could flag me would be very
> appreciated.
>    thanks and kudos for the simply amazing software you guys are
> creating!!
> 	Chris.

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