[ardour-users] tmpfs jack problem

chris chris.m.simpson at gmail.com
Sat Jul 15 06:45:28 PDT 2006

hey all,
   have been trucking on with ardour2 (from cvs/svn) for the last few
months, and i suprise myself with the possibilities... anyway.. I just
got a new laptop that i'm hoping to hook up with a freebob device a
little later (when my bank account has recovered).. so i'm really just
playing around at getting all the other stuff sort of ready before i get
it.. but i'm not having much luck getting ramfs/realtime jack working.

   the specs of the laptop are (Dell d820) running FC5, 1.83Ghz Intel
Core Duo (T2400), 2GB ram (677Mhz FSB), SATA 100GB Drive, and the
onboard sound is hda-intel, which is working fine with gstreamer. the
only other thing of note is i'm running Xgl/Compiz, but this didn't pose
a problem on my desktop machine running pretty much the same setup
setup, with much lower specs.

   i've setup the tmpfs mount and /etc/security/limits.conf. jack
doesn't crash in non-realtime mode, but does in real time, after about 2
seconds, yet interestingly allocates the space it needs in the tmpfs
mount (so it's not a FIFO permissions thing). yet when i umount tmpfs,
and run jack with realtime, i get pretty much the same output (and
crash). i can't find much info on the snd-hda-intel card/driver, which
is the only major difference from my desktop machine (desktop runs a
delta44), so a thought was it's the card or driver, but then it works
perfectly with gstreamer and as a raw alsa - /dev/dsp or whatever

   so any thoughts or known issues you could flag me would be very

   thanks and kudos for the simply amazing software you guys are


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