[ardour-users] Adding more SRs to qjackctl

Brett Clark Brett at ciscoinc.com
Tue Jan 31 06:28:10 PST 2006

qjackctl also has a drop down box for saving custom settings.  For instance, i have 3 custom settings that i called 'CD' (44.1Khz), 'DAT' (48Khz), and 'Prestine' (96Khz).  I switch between them all the time depending on what im doing.  So, my thought is, if you put in the SR that you want, then save that custom setting, then you should be good to go w/o code changes or reentering the SR.


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On 1/29/06 Jesse Chappell wrote:

>I'm pretty sure you can just type in the rate you want in the editable
>combobox.  The choices are just there for ease of use.

Yes, that was the point.
It is convenient to have the frequencies supported by your audio interface available in the drop-down box - hence, the fix.


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