[ardour-users] what does DESTORY really do here?

David Slimp rock808 at gmail.com
Sat Jan 28 11:09:21 PST 2006

I can't find specific info on this in the wiki manual...

I record a piece of audio (let's say 60 seconds),
but only want 40 seconds in the middle, so I
select that range and then choose "separate region",
which leaves me with 3 regions total.

If I "destroy" the unwanted first and third parts,
does that actually remove the data from the disk
(freeing up space by changing the original audio file)?
Or does "destroy" not actually remove the data,
since it's not removing the entire single audio file?

If it does NOT remove the data, then what is the best
way to trim the audio portion I want, and destroy/delete
the parts of the audio file I don't want (freeing up disk space) ?


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