[ardour-users] [ardour-dev] new macosx package

Neil Shaw neilshaw at mac.com
Tue Jan 24 23:20:08 PST 2006

Thanks Taybin, the fix to /etc/pango/ file allows the application to  

The new GUI is a nice refinement of the Ardour .99 version. Clean and  
clear. The drop down menus and the pop up option and selection  
windows are very nicely done.

The play selected range button is very convenient.

A couple of observations (I don't know if these are bugs or are just  
sections that are not yet code complete)

1) The channel strip (mixer) does not show any markings nor does it  
show the numerical position for the fader.

2) Command Clicking on an audio track brings up the usual menu for  
manipulating the track (i.e: play, edit, import, . . . etc.) however  
when selecting import and then either of the two options nothing  
happens, no window for soundfile selection appears.

3) Drag and Drop for soundfiles, from the desktop, is still not  
functional (mind you, I couldn't get that to function in Ardour .99  

4) The only way that I was able to get a sound file into Ardour2 was  
by importing into the regions list and then I could Drag and Drop  
from there onto an audio track. (I suspect that this part is working  
as intended)

5) When loading a plugin to a channel strip I found that the pop up  
window for the plugin would freeze for about 20 seconds and then  
disappear, double clicking on the plugin name in the channel strip  
would relaunch the window and everything would be fine. (this did not  
happen in every case but it did happen more than once).

6) I did manage to get the application to crash once by ctrl clicking  
in the regions window. (Not sure if this is a bug or if it was a one  
shot wacky due to something else, could not duplicate this behavior).

Overall though Ardour2 is in excellent shape and is quite functional  
I'll post again after I have run this through a regular editing session.

Thanks again Taybin for your efforts in putting together an OSX  
package, very much appreciated.


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