[ardour-users] Ardour Sync Issues

Alex M. suburbancore at gmail.com
Mon Jan 23 10:43:14 PST 2006

Ok...dunno if this is me messing up or something else...But here goes

I've been following this list for a while...I first heard about Ardour ages
ago... However I didnt have a linux box at home at the time to give it a try
but i subscribed to the list to keep up with things. I then left home for 8
months (doing my army service) and I just got back recently...

I setup a Gentoo box at home again and set up ardour+jack yesterday....

I loaded up 20 wavs from an older cubase session I had (track was originally
recorded on a ProTools system at another studio...Then exported from there
as equal length Wavs with the same starting point so they sync perfectly...)

In ardour they don't play in synce :s

Am I missing something really obvious? I mean... I'm not recording
anything..I just set up 20 tracks...Loaded 20 perfectly synced wavs...Lined
em up..and they dont play in sync :(

The PC is def good enough to be able to handle that playback....P4
3.2Ghz1gb Ram...System is on an 80gb ide hdd ...Tracks are read off an
80 GB sata

Any help appreciated...

Be happy to provide jack settings / values if you tell me what you'd like to

We come in peace....We leave in pieces
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