[ardour-users] controlling ardour via midi

MAtt matt_0pr at yahoo.fr
Mon Jan 23 06:23:14 PST 2006

dragon fly wrote:

>hi to the list,
>i think that this question is pretty easy to answer (for some of you)
>is ardour able to be contolled via hardware-mixer with an midi-output?
>in the manuall, there is sth about the mmc to read
>but, does it means only the transport-contol (play, fwd, pause...) or it is 
>also possible to control the faders, pan etc?
>i am thankfull for any suggestion,
>p.s. using ardour 0.99+ibm_thinkpad+demudi1.2.1+rme_multiface
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I'd just say RTFM ;-)

You can control faders, pans, solo, mute.


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