[ardour-users] Ardour OS X, Mactel & universal binary compliance

Me kissthesky at mediasoft.net
Sun Jan 22 05:12:17 PST 2006

It's very exiting to see that things are progressing along nicely.

It seems that time may be on your side with Logic 7.2  universal  
binary not scheduled for release until late in February
and absolutely no scheduled date for updates listed on the Digidesign  
web site.

Native Instruments will also be delayed with universal binary updates  
until Q3 2006.

This delay in the transition to Intel processors presents you with a  
rare opportunity to gain major ground.

I've just updated my dual 2.0 PowerMac to 10.4.4 and have your latest  
0.99.1 downloading.

Hopefully ardour will meet the challenge covering both PPC and Intel  
processors, just in time
for the industry to take notice.

As always best wishes for your success!


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