[ardour-users] software monitoring

Michael T D Nelson m_nels at gmx.net
Sat Jan 21 01:04:51 PST 2006

  Lopez wrote:
> I'm sure that there are numerous 
> desired monitoring configurations that you want to provide to make 
> Ardour versatile, but from a strictly user's standpoint being able to 
> hear what is recorded as default behavior would only be a plus for 
> Ardour. 

Not from where this user is standing! Sometimes I want to hear it, and 
sometimes I definitely don't.

More often than not, it's nothing to do with Ardour - I tend to route 
the signal to my monitors before it gets to Ardour.

It would bother me if Ardour started to make decisions for me about how 
I want my signals routed. I am the user - Ardour is the (very useful) tool.


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