[ardour-users] software monitoring

Ruben Lopez rl1205 at sbcglobal.net
Fri Jan 20 22:22:48 PST 2006

Paul Davis wrote:

>>>how do you think monitoring should behave?
>>When I start recording, I want to hear the track being recorded -
>>that's how I think it should behave.
>one of the few gripes i have about writing ardour is that there are
>situations in which users attempt to distill something down to an
>apparently simple requirement that actually cannot be simplified.
>if you sit and fully think about the possibilities, you will see that
>its way, way more complex than that.

I'm sure that it is, even beyond what I understand, and I'm not trying 
to frustrate you as the developer with simplistic responses, but I'm 
also not responding as a developer. I'm sure that there are numerous 
desired monitoring configurations that you want to provide to make 
Ardour versatile, but from a strictly user's standpoint being able to 
hear what is recorded as default behavior would only be a plus for 
Ardour. I also realize, with so many hardware possibilities, that this 
default behavior may not be entirely possible, but getting there with 
well-known and supported cards from RME or M-Audio would benefit Ardour.


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