[ardour-users] file lengths

Marijus Bernotas Marukas marukas at hardcore.lt
Thu Jan 19 19:56:45 PST 2006

This is serious. I was trying to record a long track from DAT source and
ardour hanged when I clicked stop :/ As a result no wav file was created -
1,5 hours of work were lost.

Is it possible to record using raw audio instead of WAV?


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On Thu, 2006-01-19 at 16:55 -0500, Peter Lutek wrote:
> since all files are converted to wav or bwf on import, it is not 
> possible to import (or record, for that matter) files which would 
> result (i.e. after splitting channels) in filesizes greater than ~4Gb,
> i'm a little confused about that limit.... some sites say 2Gb and some 
> say 4Gb.
> anyway, there is a constraint on the length of any single chunk of 
> audio due to the wav/bwf format, right? would someone clarify this in 
> real-world numbers, please? i'm looking at recording live events which 
> run to a few hours, in 96k, float.

RIFF/WAV has an internal length field that holds (2^31) bytes as a maximum

your filesystem can probably get to a 64 bit length. this doesn't solve the
WAV internal length problem.

you can't even get 1 hour from WAV using 32 bit sample format @ 96kHz.




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