[ardour-users] best file system for audio

Jan Depner eviltwin69 at cableone.net
Thu Jan 19 15:33:40 PST 2006

On Thu, 2006-01-19 at 12:38 -0500, Jason Russler wrote:
> I really doubt reiserfs is a good choice.  It may even be bad.  It's
> good at handling large numbers of small files efficiently but not very
> good larger file I/O - in fact, I recently saw some benchmarks that
> indicate that it's pretty bad at it.  ext3 should be fine for most
> situations - I use an xfs because it handles very large files quite
> well (I do some video stuff as well as audio) and it makes me feel
> cool - SGI nostalgia and all that....
> Reiserfs fanboys tend to say reiserfs it's good for everything. :O)

    I'm using reiserfs 3 on FC4 at the moment.  I've tested it against
ext2 and ext3 and it's better in terms of xruns.  I think this is due to
the fact that the journal is not in a separate location on the disk as
it is with ext3.  ext2 is better than ext3 but it's not journaled.  Be
that as it may, I am planning on switching to xfs soon since I have been
using it on *large* (17TB) servers at work and it is a vast improvement
on the ext3 and reiserfs servers that I have run before.  All of this is
very subjective though ;-)

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