[ardour-users] ardour 2.0 testing

Hector Centeno-Garcia h.centeno at sympatico.ca
Tue Jan 17 17:36:15 PST 2006


I just downloaded the alpha package of Ardour2 and it compiled without 
any problems. I didn't test it throughly but at least it started and 
played one of my old projects. I found the GUI to be slower than the 
previous GTK1 versions and also I was wondering if this would be the 
final look. I remember a message posted some time ago showing an image 
that looked very nice (it is still here: 
http://ardour.org/ardour-gtk2-final.png ) but this alpha version has 
exactly the same GUI as the previous versions with the only difference 
that it is using GTK2 widgets. If this is how the final Ardour2 is going 
to look is it possible to make the GUI use the GTK2 theme that is being 
used by the system (in my case Gnome)? I know this GUI issues are not 
that important as how functional the software is, but it helps to have a 
nice visual environment :-) Whatever the case is, this is a good 

Thanks for your work.


Kevin Cosgrove wrote:

>On 17 January 2006 at 13:13, Paul Winkler <pw_lists at slinkp.com> wrote:
>>Note the words "ultra-preliminary".
>>i.e. you should fully expect to have some problems with it.
>It might be nice to see what ardour2 will look like, but I'll probably 
>wait for least release candidates, or at least for the "ultra" to 
>disappear.  ;-)
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