[ardour-users] auditioning groups of tracks at once & disktoo slow

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> On Sat, 2006-01-14 at 22:18 -0800, Kevin Cosgrove wrote:
>> On 14 January 2006 at 9:11, Mark Knecht <markknecht at gmail.com> wrote:
>> > > I've been doing just fine up until now with 10-20 tracks.  Is ardour
>> > > reading all of my tracks, even though most of them are muted?
>> >
>> > Mute all tracks and check for disk activity. That would tell you the
>> > correct answer.
>> I'm not sure how to check for disk activity.  Normally I'd see a
>> disk light on, but it's not now.  If the disk were louder, then
>> I could hear it chatter, but I can't.  I explored some system
>> monitor programs, but none that I found had anything disk related
>> other than swapping.  Any ideas?   I'll also look at the [in]active
>> disk activity, once I know where/how to look.
> as somebody already guessed, muting tracks doesn't stop disk activity.
> if it did, when you unmute there would be a nasty delay before we could
> start playing back.
> tracks be made "inactive", either from the context menu of the track
> controls in the editor, or the context menu of the track name button in
> the mixer. that will (he says, praying), stop all disk activity for that
> track (as well as everything else related to that track).
> 70 tracks is definitely close to or over the limit for most generic
> modern h/w with ardour's current 32 bit float format files.
> --p
I'm not yet operating on Ardour, but will be soon.  My past experience has 
been two options...

1) Offload some of the un-needed tracks to archive and call them back as 
tracks get condenced.

2) Condence some of the stable tracks onto a lesser number of consolidated 

I don't think NASA uses 70 tracks of telemetry on space shuttles, do they?


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