[ardour-users] Recommended distros

GuitArt guitart at zizzetope.it
Wed Jan 11 13:13:13 PST 2006

Frank Barknecht writes: 

> Hallo,
> Paul Davis hat gesagt: // Paul Davis wrote: 
>> if you plan to ever use an audio interface which requires "non-free"
>> firmware to be downloaded into it, avoid ubuntu and all other debian-
>> derived distributions. the distros do not include the firmware, and it
>> is not trivial to find out where to get it.
> This sounds a bit unfair to me.  
> In my view, it *is* rather trivial to go to the ALSA homepage
> http://www.alsa-project.org/ and download e.g.:
> ftp://ftp.alsa-project.org/pub/firmware/alsa-firmware-1.0.10.tar.bz2
> and run "./configure --prefix=/usr && make install" as described in
> the README. 

the same here! I confirm it *is* trivia.
And i'm not an advanced-linux-hacker :D
i have an RME multiface, and the alsa-firmware (not included in debian 
Demudi because its' not free software) just works fine! :) 


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