[ardour-users] Recommended distros

Ruben Lopez rl1205 at sbcglobal.net
Wed Jan 11 11:56:40 PST 2006

Mark Knecht wrote:

> On 1/11/06, Ruben Lopez <rl1205 at sbcglobal.net> wrote:
>> Greetings everyone... my first post to this group...
>> I have been following the development of Ardour for over a year, and
>> I've decided to jump in and convert my mobile rig (AMD 2000XP, 2 Delta
>> 1010s, currently running WinXP/Sonar 4) to Linux/Ardour. I know that the
>> Ardour website recommends Fedora, but I would like to hear from other
>> Ardour users - what is your favorite distro to host Ardour? And I
>> suppose just as importantly, what is your least favorite distro, or the
>> one you had the most problem with?
>   Depending on the amount of experience you have with Linux in
> general, and depending on how much flexibility you want to have with
> the system overall (i.e. - hardcore browsing, Internet media, local
> email instead of web-based, etc.) I think you would really want to
> look at one of the two prepackaged music-oriented distros -
> PlanetCCRMA or DeMudi.
I'm a Windows tech, but I still consider myself "newbie-ish" when it 
come to Linux. I have the most experience with Debian - I like it and I 
have done several customized installs and built new kernels a couple of 
times. During the last few months I have been running Slackware, which I 
am liking  more and more. What I like about both of these is that I can 
install them as a very basic systems (<500MB) and add just what I 
need/want, so I don't end up with a bloated system (like you would if 
you did a default Slackware install). And I like using apt/synaptic and 
swaret. But I don't know how these distros perform regarding 
latency/real time issues/other audio-related issues.

> Note that ALL of these can be set up to be dual boot so that you
> don't have to give up Sonar just yet....<snip>
> That said there are still many, many things I just cannot do in
> Ardour or Linux MIDI apps that are a breeze on Pro Tools and Sonar.
> Keep Sonar running for a while longer yet.

I am planning to slip a new drive into my mobile DAW to experiment with 
Linux/Ardour, so I can revert to the current WinXP/Sonar drive if I need 
to. Also, my home-based DAW runs WinXP/Sonar 5, so I will have Sonar 
around for awhile.

Thanks for the tips.


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