[ardour-users] ardour on OS X 10.4.3

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Sun Jan 8 05:48:55 PST 2006

> After a while I found your January 18, 2005 Beta version
> 8.7 MB and replaced the .99 version in my applications folder.
> When I double clicked the 1/05 beta version the same
> grey screen filled the display, but then a few seconds later the GUI  
> did appear.
> It seems this is a much more simplified version of what you have now.

not quite sure what you mean by this. the GUI has not changed in any
significant wants between 0.99 and the current 0.99 beta. we have
managed to do some more work to try to ensure that OS X users get ardour
to start, which is still a bit of mysterious subject. for many OS X
users, it just works; for others, it never seems to be able to start up.

> I managed to import my garageband loops into the library, but could  
> not figure out how to
> activate the sounds with my M-Audio Keystation49e ( connected via USB )

i don't know what you mean by this. if you are imagining that ardour
does MIDI-driven sample playback, you're sadly mistaken. it is a digital
audio workstation modelled on applications like ProTools, Nuendo,
Samplitude and so forth. MIDI-driven sample playback would occur via an
instrument plugin, not Ardour itself.

> I am hopeful that I will also be able to use some of the VST plugins,  
> I've downloaded off the web.

You will, but you won't get their "native" GUI editors at this point.

> I'll be very anxious to follow your progress of this wonderful project.

We hope to be releasing beta tests of v2 very soon, and we are also
looking forward to the Cocoa-native version of the GUI toolkit we use
finally becoming usable. This will mean that Ardour will no longer
require Apple's X11 application, and will look and feel much more like a
normal OS X app than a transplant from Linux.


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