[ardour-users] ardour on OS X 10.4.3

Me kissthesky at mediasoft.net
Sat Jan 7 22:59:28 PST 2006

First of all much thanks for your efforts!

I installed JackOSX and then after drag installing ardour .99 to my  
applications folder,
I double clicked the ardour icon and ended up with nothing but a full  
screen grey pixel background
and the terminal window.
The download was only 4.4MB, so I'm wondering if something is missing?

I see the beautiful GUI on your home page and can't wait to try out  
this DAW.

After a while I found your January 18, 2005 Beta version
8.7 MB and replaced the .99 version in my applications folder.

When I double clicked the 1/05 beta version the same
grey screen filled the display, but then a few seconds later the GUI  
did appear.
It seems this is a much more simplified version of what you have now.

I managed to import my garageband loops into the library, but could  
not figure out how to
activate the sounds with my M-Audio Keystation49e ( connected via USB )

I plan to use my new ( still in box ) M-Audio ProjectMix I/O
that has the built in F/W 1814 interface along with the 8 channel  
automated control surface.
I plan to track analog, vocals, guitars, basses and virtual  
instruments for drums string and horn sections.

I am hopeful that I will also be able to use some of the VST plugins,  
I've downloaded off the web.

My system.
G5 dual 2.0 Rev "B"  (8DIMM) w/ 2GB RAM
running 10.4.3, X11 installed.

I'll be very anxious to follow your progress of this wonderful project.


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