[ardour-users] 16-24 track simultaneous recording - HW recommendations?

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Mon Jan 2 06:43:15 PST 2006

> 3. Get a good Audio interface for the computer end. Something that will
> be rock solid. Being that you cant rewind and do another take. I have an
> RME HDSP with the Digiface outboard box. I would strongly suggest you go
> with a card that has all the inputs you need in a single unit. I tried
> syncing 3 Delta 1010s to get the 24 channel count to where I wanted it,
> never did work. Havent tried the RME Multiface units so that might be
> different. I have been perfectly happy with the RME gear. I bought mine
> at http://www.sfb.net/, they have really good prices, have a close
> relationship with RME, and will support Linux users when possible. They
> even gave me an exchange on my pcmcia card for troubleshooting purposes.

Just a note to the crowd: I am an authorized RME dealer. I can't
guarantee that my prices are better than anyone else because the US
distributor has tiered pricing for dealers based on volume, but you can
rest easy knowing that by buying RME gear from me, you are helping to
support RME driver development or something like it :)


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