[ardour-users] Control surface... what is planned ?

MAtt matt_0pr at yahoo.fr
Mon Jan 2 03:00:52 PST 2006

Does someone have an idea about future implementation of control 
surfaces with ardour ? Is it planned to have a "selected channel" stuff 
'à la' cubase ? Will it be possible to control, for example, the EQ and 
comp plugin (ladspa AND vst) of the selected channel ?

I'm working with ardour compiled on a demudi distro with vst support, 
for all my "little" projects, and with cubase, but i can't work with 
ardour for my big projects for the lack is this domain. However, the 
linux environment is FAR better than these damned ASIO drivers, and I 
hope the control via midi will be soon working with ardour/jack, etc...

Thanks for all


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