[ardour-users] Survey - what sound card/interface are you using with Ardour?

Ross Vandegrift ross at lug.udel.edu
Sun Jan 1 12:28:03 PST 2006

On Sun, Jan 01, 2006 at 01:22:49PM -0600, Christopher wrote:
> My mistake, I guess I assumed RME put them out because I'd read in multiple
> places that RME was a good choice for linux recording due to driver
> support...

Well, do remember that driver development is very different on free
software operating systems.  Most of the drivers that are supported
and distributed by original manufacturers are absolute garbage.
Maudio calls the OSS driver for the card "supported".  Heh.

It seems like all the best drivers end up maintained by someone in the
community who wants their device to work.  Witness ALSA for a most
obvious, fantastic example ::-)

Ross Vandegrift
ross at lug.udel.edu

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