[ardour-users] ardour crash recovery

Sampo Savolainen v2 at iki.fi
Mon Feb 27 00:16:39 PST 2006

Quoting Tim Blechmann <TimBlechmann at gmx.net>:

> hi all,
> after a crash of ardour, i can't open my session file correctly any
> more ...
> my tracks lost their input and output connections and plugins ... any
> idea how to recover them?
> everything else (regions, markers) seems to be there ... just the
> connections and plugins are gone ...
> the session has been created with the cvs snapshot from about 6 weeks
> ago ... the crash happened with todays cvs snapshot ...
> maybe it's of help, that ardour posted:
> Loading session /home/tim/fb1 using snapshot fb1
> ardour: [WARNING]: Session: XML state has no click section
> about the crash: it happened while playing in loop mode when reaching
> the end point of the loop ... will try to post a backtrace to mantis,
> soon ...

This bug has been fixed in 0.99.2

Also, 0.99.2 introduces periodic safety backups which means that a modified
but not saved session is stored every minute. "Storing" here doesn't mean
"saving" in the sense that it would overwrite the previous save, the
"stored" version is on disk in case ardour crashes. When you load the
session again, ardour will ask whether you want to recover or not.

You probably lost your connections & plugins because you hadn't saved after
making them. Right?


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