[ardour-users] Disk system not fast enough for reading but ...

Wolfgang Woehl tito at rumford.de
Sun Feb 26 23:49:28 PST 2006

Eric Devost <ericdevost at telaneos.com>:
> Hi all,
> When mastering with Jamin, I got this error message from
> Ardour :
> "The disk system on your computer was not able to keep up
> with Ardour. Specificaly, it failed to read data from disk
> quickly enough to keep up with playback."
> This only happen when I have more than two tracks in an
> Ardour project, wich is 100% the case ... :)
> The strange thing is that this message does'nt show if I
> record instead of reading ! So I can (when jamin is up)
> easily record 8 tracks without seeing this message but if I
> remove the record buttons and start just reading the
> tracks, it fails.

What ardour version? Jack parameters? How is Jamin connected?

> Cpu is not overload when it happens neither is the
> memory.It happens more quickly if I lower down the
> frame/period setup in jack and I can see that the buffering
> showing in Ardour gets down to 0% just before it happens,
> so I guess it has something to do with buffering...
> My hard drive is tuned fine with DMA enabled, I have a
> lowlat patched kernel and I tried to edit the .ardou.rc
> file to change the track-buffer-seconds to 2 insted of 3
> (as mentioned on the Ardour-devel list) with no success.
> Does anybody has a clue of what might be causing that ?
> Could this be a bug in Ardour ?
> Thanx a lot for taking time to read this messsage and for
> trying to help,
> Eric,


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