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"I use reiserfs" 

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Lars Tobias Børsting wrote:

>Great program! I have just recorded my first long session with Ardour. 
>Unfortunately, the recording stopped after some time. The reason was 
>that it couldn't write more data to its files. Looking in the project 
>folder there is a folder called "sounds" which contains the actual 
>track recordings. They seem to be in the standard wav-format. Both of 
>the files ar 2.1 GB large, so I wonder if there is some limit in this 
>format? I use reiserfs, so I know the file size isn't limited by the 
>filesystem. I read somewhere that wav-files have a size limit of 2.1 GB 
>on 32-bit systems, however I exported my two mono 2.1 GB tracks into a 
>single stereo file of approx. 3 GBs.
>What might be the cause of this file size limit? Ardour version is 
what filesystem is your disk running?

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