[ardour-users] bypass/activate plugins with automation?

David Causse nomoa at wanadoo.fr
Tue Feb 14 05:58:17 PST 2006


I was affected by the same "limitation". I had to add a delay effect at the
end of a phrase but it was quite impossible to adjust the plugin settings
to match what I would like to do with Dry/Wet ratio and FeedBack controls.
So I had to make the echo my self (copy and paste audio with gain 
But I think it's a plugin limitation for me, there is no "Input DB" 
like many echo delays effects.
Is there any good LADSPA delay plugin with "Input DB" and "FeedBack" 
(And also a tempo param with multiplier like 1/4, 1/3, 2/3... would be 
great for
roots dub reggae, and why not a tone control? hmm :)

Is this expected to add some sort of control on the signal path with 

Thank you for building this great software.


David Slimp a écrit :

>Am I missing something?
>I'm not seeing a way to bypass/activate the plugins with automation.
>at a certain time, I want to stop one plugin and start another on the
>same track.

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