[ardour-users] Ardour and Mouse Clicks in File Dialog

Thomas Vecchione seablaede at gmail.com
Mon Feb 13 13:38:20 PST 2006

Jesse I apolgize for you getting duplicates of this, I keep forgetting 
to hit reply all.

> No, ardour2's import dialog is still not done, i think it only
> allows single selection at the moment, but it is planned to be
> better.

Cool beans, thanks for the update on that.

Out of curiosity, how does the soundfile library work?  Does it maintain
an internal database that it searches through?  Or does it actually just
remember the locations of the files and search through them?

Reason I ask is I have a couple of suggestions on things that might be
improved(From my point of view, which Ill explain in a moment).  One of
them is the ability to add files on temporary drives, USB, Firewire,
etc.  So that when the drive is removed, the SFLib maintains the status
of those files in its library, and if called upon requests that the
drive be connected/inserted.  That way we could search through files
that arent nessecarily on our computer if we say... use multiple
computers for our work and need the library to travel between them.

Also is it possible for it to have some basic database functionality to
it(Thinking sqlite myself here, but partially for personal reasons)?
Would allow for the above to happen easily without needing to modify
files to add fields as needed, allow the ability to bulk import files
into a project etc..  But also would allow for the library to be
referenced by other things as well to get file locations, seperate the
backend and frontend of it.  Of course though there is always the
concern of the added overhead.  The last thing this might add though is
the ability to import file lists from text files and define fields based
off of the text files.  For instance I have a few sound effect libraries
I can obtain text files for with descriptions I would love to be able to
just import into the SFLib so that I could search through them for the
effect I need, but for several thousand effects this is a lot of typing
to enter it all by hand.

Just so you have some reference of where all this is coming from, my
background is in theater sound, so I do a lot of work, not only with
music, but also with sound effects.  My current show has several hundred
individual effects i need to finish building(And stop typing;) and for
each one I would love to be able to just use Ardour's sound file library
to search through and import the sounds I need off of my external drive
that has the complete library on it so I can use it on either my Gentoo
Desktop that is my primary recording/mixing machine and my powerbook
running OSX.

Also a small bug report, when running Ardour on OSX with demo versions
of certain VSTs(Kontakt in this instance), they popup before the GUI of
ardour notifying you of the time remaining on the demo, but you cant hit
ok to clear it and the only way to get around this is to quit ardour
from the dock, remove the vst from your library and restart ardour.

Love the program, keep up the good work, and all that jazz.


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