[ardour-users] Xjadeo

Thomas Vecchione seablaede at gmail.com
Wed Feb 8 11:22:31 PST 2006

> the menus are defined in text files now. any user can define their own
> menus as they wish. neat, eh?

Yet another move in the right direction, from there it would be trivial 
to write a script to install plugin type jack applications in Ardour's 
Menu.  This could be a double edged sword, but I would suppose the 
responsibility needs to rest on the end user.

Out of curiosity, any chance of an ability to launch external apps like 
that with options that could be defined in the menu system?  For example 
for me I use Rezound for my destructive single file editing, and love it 
completly.  I owuld love to be able to launch it on demand from within 
ardour to edit chunks of audio in ardour, and update it automatically in 
ardour.  Obviously at the moment I Dont tihnk it is possible, but as an 

Sheesh and the above paragraph came from someone just advocating the use 
of a single program as much as possible;)  At least I know I am not set 
in my ways.

>> By the way, it would be great if a second system dedicated to video
>> > playback could be synced to Ardour. This is what I have seen done with
>> > Protools and Virtual VTR on a mix stage for a feature film.
> you use MTC+SMPTE for this. you do need a converter for now, because we
> still don't have SMPTE converters inside JACK or Ardour.

Paul is dead on on this one.  I have actually looked at stuff like 
virtualVTR for applications like this and the possiblity of using it 
with ardour.  I am just not that serious, or that rich rather, to be 
able to afford this yet;)


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