[ardour-users] Mandriva 2006 + Ardour + VST

Esa Linna esa.linna at kolumbus.fi
Thu Feb 2 13:27:45 PST 2006

So... after updating my Mandriva LE 2005 to Mandriva 2006, I haven't 
been able to use Ardour with VST plugins. Building from source succeeds, 
but the old Wine version 20040505 doesn't. And that has been the only 
Wine version with me, that I could use for Ardour w/ VST plugins.

Now it gives either segmentation fault or then error message after 
starting Ardour (can't connect to Jack, which is running fine).
I have tried with number of Wine versions, Ardour CVS and stable and 
jack_fst & fst.

Ardour RPM's for Mandriva work fine, but I think there isn't RPM 
packaged with VST ability. Anyone having similar problems?


Esa Linna

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