[ardour-users] Menus and other controls unreadeables with some gtk theme version2

Nicola Mattei foxdalailama at gmail.com
Thu Feb 2 04:17:17 PST 2006

Hi again, I'm a new member of this list and I previously posted my
first message to the list about a problem in the GUI of Ardour with a
lot of gtk themes. I know it's not an important question but I think
that it's quite annoying for an end-user running gnome with his
"very-cool-and-wonderful" preferred theme to run Ardour and
then...open the theme manager and change his theme 'cause Ardour's GUI
was very difficult to read with the first one.
The first thing to decide, in my opinion, is if it is a theme's
problem or an ardour problem.
(and a lot of themes have such a problem)
Second if it is possibile with gtk to load a different theme only for
one application while the rest of DE is using an other one (in this
case I think it would be possible to add a --no-gtk-theme or
--default-theme command-line parameter in order to start Ardor with a
default theme).
Another way could be to let the user change the font color in order to
put a dark one when the theme is bright and viceversa.
May anyone who knows the reason why this problem happens could explain
it to me so I could try to figure out a kind of solution? thanks a

P.s: I'm starting translating the wiki manual in Italian, (I began to
do it yesterday so I've only translated the page "Getting Audio In,
Out and Around Your Computer") but I hope to proceede fast in my very
little free time. Of course any help from anyone knows italian is
greatly welcome!

Mattei Nicola

(below I added my previous message)

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From: Nicola Mattei <foxdalailama at gmail.com>
Date: 25-gen-2006 14.37
Subject: Menus and other controls unreadeables with some gtk theme
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Hi to all,
I'm very enthusiastic of the great ardour2. Every day I install the
new cvs package and everything always goes right, till now, on my
debian etch AMD64.
The only thing (it's a very stupid one) is that a lot of gnome themes
(Glossy P, allumium alloy, the ones with very bright background and
complex design in general, I think) makes the GUI unreadeable. I kown
it's not an important problem but there's a way (simple, I hope) to
fix it?
Second: I read about the --gtk-theme command line option. What does it
mean? The command line help says that it allows to load a gtk theme
but ardour already load the theme in use.
Thank a lot for the great work you've done and you're doing, sorry for
my very bad english

Mattei Nicola

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