[ardour-users] Working with Ardour2

James Hughes hughesjames at bellsouth.net
Thu Dec 14 18:02:27 PST 2006

I wanted to do a song for my friends and family this year instead of 
Christmas cards. I wanted to post a link 
(http://www.myspace.com/bluewallgroove) here for everyone as well, to 
offer thanks and also give some feedback:

Thanks to Paul and all the people that put this together!
    I had to do a lot of retakes as I experimented. So, I was trying to 
free up the disk space used by the unused files - saw the announcement 
of the latest svn commits :) Will  test ASAP! I used Ardour2 for this 
project and it worked GREAT!! The session used 8 stereo tracks and two 
mono buses plus the stereo master bus. I used a TAP Scaling Limiter in 
each of the mono buses to limit the acoustic lead guitar (Line6 Variax). 
The master bus had a pre-fader  insert, used to feed Jamin (another 
winner!!). I adjusted all the tracks to get a good mix of the 
instruments. Then used Jamin to eq a bit and compress everything. The 
tracks looked beautiful in Rezound, which I used to touch everything up!

Ardour crashed only once. I double clicked on a crossover between two 
regions and it just crashed. I had been working for a good while - doing 
a lot of splitting, cutting, copying and pasting work. After restarting, 
it did fantastic. The track splitting, copying and pasting. It worked 
well too. I used Ardour2 to drive MusE, which I used to sequence the 
drums, bass and synths. For some reason, a session  export didn't work 
once. It went through the motions, but the wave was flat-lined :) After 
trying again, all went well. I couldn't repeat.

Thanks and Happy Holidays!


Music by man and machine:
Check out "The BlueWall Groove" @ Myspace http://www.myspace.com/bluewallgroove

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