[ardour-users] Intel EM64T and Ardour+VST

Jason Russler jason.russler at gmail.com
Thu Aug 24 09:08:42 PDT 2006

> >The only problems I ever encounter is with JACK running my kernel
> >with SMP support (a well known but as of yet unfixed bug).  I also
> >find the system a little more unstable as a whole

Last time I tried, 32-bit JACK + 64-bit kernel didn't work to good.  Make
your life easy, NR, go 32-bit.  I've been 64-bit for a year and a half, but
starting soon I actually need stuff to work.  I'm loading up PlanetCCRMA
tonight on FC5 tonight.  My short list of reasons:
PlanetCCRMA's kernel,
ZynAddSubFX (very cranky on 64-bit arch),
various other stability problems with audio apps.

It's a shame too.  If I was doing anything other than audio I could stay
x86_64. *sigh*

It's not that I haven't had pretty good success with a 64-bit install, I
just need ZynAddSubFX to work - plus I got sick of maintaining my own builds
of everything (I know 64studio exists but I use this system for things other
than audio...)
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