[ardour-users] jack on gentoo tmpfs? ramfs?

Harold Aling h.aling at home.nl
Fri Apr 28 05:47:33 PDT 2006

Thomas G. Willis wrote:
> My question for all the gentoo users. Do you have to use any special
> use flags to get the jack-audio-connection-kit to put all the FIFO's
> in ramfs. This may not be the right terminology. I'm referring to the
> specific documentation.
> (...)
> Then use --with-default-tmpdir=/mnt/ramfs to the JACK configure line
> when you build it. No clients need to be recompiled. "
> the gentoo wiki seems to be a little stale for jack right now, but I
> just want to know how I can tell whether jack is setup this way
> already or whether I need to flip some use flags or edit config files
> or whatever. The pipeline between my ram in my processor is pretty fat
> and I have more than enough ram, just want to make sure it's being
> utilized.
Part of the .ebuild:

if use jack-tmpfs; then
                myconf="${myconf} --with-default-tmpdir=/dev/shm"

So if you use the jack-tmpfs use-flag, the /dev/shm mount is used as temp.

Gentoo powerrrrr!
> Any suggestions or corrections or links to stuff would be greatly appreciated.
> Sorry for the nearly offtopic post. Thanks in Advance
> --
> Thomas G. Willis
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