[ardour-users] jack on gentoo tmpfs? ramfs?

Thomas G. Willis tom.willis at gmail.com
Fri Apr 28 05:31:18 PDT 2006

Hi all,
Not exactly about ardour, though I'm hoping to reduce xruns while
recording in ardour and want to see if I can rule out this as a

My question for all the gentoo users. Do you have to use any special
use flags to get the jack-audio-connection-kit to put all the FIFO's
in ramfs. This may not be the right terminology. I'm referring to the
specific documentation.


"  What other software tuning should I consider?

ALSA driver settings can affect performance to a large degree. Try
adjusting the number of periods (anything other than 2 or 3 will
probably not help you with JACK). For some cards, using just
--playback or just --capture may help. Avoid using a plug-layer PCM
device (like default). See the terse ALSA driver help (jackd -d alsa
-h) or the jackd man page for a list of options.

It has been found that mounting /tmp/jack as tmpfs (in RAM) solves
problems that many people have experienced with xruns while using
JACK. The solutions below help when your /tmp directory is mounted on
a journalled filesystem.

Just put this in your /etc/fstab

none /tmp/jack tmpfs defaults 0 0

There is also a compile option to enable JACK to place its FIFOs on a
ram-based filesystem follows:

# mkdir /mnt/ramfs

[edit /etc/fstab and add the following line]

none /mnt/ramfs tmpfs defaults 0 0

Then use --with-default-tmpdir=/mnt/ramfs to the JACK configure line
when you build it. No clients need to be recompiled. "

the gentoo wiki seems to be a little stale for jack right now, but I
just want to know how I can tell whether jack is setup this way
already or whether I need to flip some use flags or edit config files
or whatever. The pipeline between my ram in my processor is pretty fat
and I have more than enough ram, just want to make sure it's being

Any suggestions or corrections or links to stuff would be greatly appreciated.

Sorry for the nearly offtopic post. Thanks in Advance

Thomas G. Willis

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