[ardour-users] FIFO and running as root.

chris simpson chris.m.simpson at gmail.com
Fri Apr 21 21:07:20 PDT 2006

My current setup is an Athlon 2100+ XP, 1GB 2700DDR ram, delta 44, running
fc5, 2.6.15 vanilla kernel with RT patch and jack using ramfs. After hacking
for a number of weeks, ardour is now kicking the pants off anything I could
achieve in the windows realm with the same equipment.

My problem though (not that it has posed a great problem yet), is I have to
run all these applications as root. Basically, jack (or qjackctl) can't
setup FIFO stacks (on ramfs) as a non-root user. This affects any jack
clients as well, because unless they're also root, they can't connect to
jack. Is there a great danger in running audio applications as root, and if
so, how can you allow FIFO stacks to be setup by a non-root user?

Another problem i'm having, and i don't know how related it is, but when i
export (or mixdown) from ardour with jack running realtime, i get xruns on
the mixdown, but none on playback, but this problem is reversed when i
restart jack without realtime set - that is, xruns all over the place on
playback but a perfect mixdown. Whats the go here?

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