[ardour-users] Symetric Multiprocessing

. intent at netpratique.fr
Fri Apr 21 14:30:49 PDT 2006


I have a dual cpu board and it seems to me that ardour doesn't dispatch much 
the DSP calculation. Despite several processes, there remains one big thread 
for the LADSPA plugins, and although it is great to have the other CPU for 
other proggies, it doesn't look very optimal.  

With the rise of cheap dual-core setups and even the possibility of dual slot 
mobos  (2 X dual-core !!), i would like to know if the dev team has projects 
to make ardour able to spread the plugins calculation on several cpu.

The underlaying question, would be: is SMP a reallistic route for audio 
programs, since dealing with several threads and realtime requirements are 
may be technically difficult (?).. 



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