[ardour-users] many Plugins / plugins group

Andre Raue dawng at raue.info
Tue Apr 11 11:03:35 PDT 2006

Wolfgang Woehl wrote:
> Alessandro De Zorzi <lota at klez.it>:
>>I simply sort they by Type and choose... But could be
>>useful pre-created and "custom groups" of plugins,
>>something like
>>"Simple voice pluign"
>>"My plugins"
>>"DJ plugins"
>>are this possible with current version?
> No. Would be very useful too. I wonder whether LADSPA allows 
> for a plugin that housed a chain of n other plugins.
> There is a workaround: You can set up templates with tracks or 
> busses full of "custom" sets of plugins.

I understood Alessandro different: I think he is searching for a better 
way to organize single Plugins. Just like a folder structure where you 
can drop and sort the plugins you like best so that it is easier to find 
them next time. Just like favorite links in your browser. Instead of 
searching/sorting in a flat list containing dozens of plugins.

I didn't find a way to do this with 0.99 but think it to be a good idea.



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