[ardour-users] many Plugins / plugins group

Wolfgang Woehl tito at rumford.de
Tue Apr 11 09:07:29 PDT 2006

Alessandro De Zorzi <lota at klez.it>:
> There are many plugins available in default Ardour
> installation, I do know all exactly.

An important distinction to make here: There is nothing 
Ardour-specific about your LADSPA plugins. Many applications 
can and do use those plugins. So what you call "default 
Ardour installation" would really be called "default Audio 
workstation installation". I'm nitpicking because it matters 
when you run into issues.

> I simply sort they by Type and choose... But could be
> useful pre-created and "custom groups" of plugins,
> something like
> "Simple voice pluign"
> "My plugins"
> "DJ plugins"
> are this possible with current version?

No. Would be very useful too. I wonder whether LADSPA allows 
for a plugin that housed a chain of n other plugins.

There is a workaround: You can set up templates with tracks or 
busses full of "custom" sets of plugins.

Now if what Ron suggested a little while ago became real -- 
see ardour-dev "template components" -- session setup and 
handling would become very powerful and fast.

I think that templates are worth every hour of thought and 
consideration you can put into them, they're a user's key to 
the awesome power of Ardour/JACK/LADSPA.


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