[ardour-users] We need to buy a 10 or more channels soundcard!

Marcos Guglielmetti Gmail marcospcmusica at gmail.com
Sun Apr 9 19:10:30 PDT 2006


	Hello list!

	I work at a little recording studio, and the boss is going to buy new 
equipment, but, this time, I convinced him to use Ardour, Jamin, 
Rosegarden, etc., & GNU+Linux.

	So: we need, at least, 10 channels, but 12 or 16 channels would be 

	No more than that: it's an small studio!

	Do you recommend a mixer-console+firewire solution?
	Do you recommend a mixer-console+USB solution? Is there something like 
	Is ProTools hardware compatible with GNU+Linux in any way?

	I think M-Audio Delta 1010 is a good choice, but, there is a little 
"bigger" soundcard of this kind?

	Prices, latencies?
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