[ardour-users] Export Range to File

kens kens at kensnet.org
Wed Apr 5 16:34:29 PDT 2006

Does the Export Range to file function work at the moment. I'm using 
.99.1 on a FC3 CCRMA setup. I'm sure I've made it work before but maybe 
I've gone brain dead today. The Export Function just says there are is 
no range to export. What incantation am I missing in setting up the 
range. If there is a simple blow by blow procedure I can follow that 
would be great.

The export whole session to file works fine - but I have some live 
projects that are 24 track and 1 to 2 hours long and I'd rather like to 
be able to export 5/10 minute tracks rather than the whole lot and then 
needing to extract the bit I want with Audacity.

So what am I missing??

Thanks in advance


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