[ardour-users] Audio engine: reality or myth ?/ what about Ardour ?

Jazzride2006 jazzride2006 at laposte.net
Wed Apr 5 03:27:38 PDT 2006

"> Sound playing programs that don't modify the sound data in any way
> (e.g. play sounds straigth from a single .wav file) should sound
> exactly the same.  The same bits go into the sound card, so the same
> sounds come out.
> Sound playing programs that do modify the sound data, even just to
> change the volume, just might sound different.  
> So, assuming by "audio engine" you mean the core portion of software
> that manipulates sound data, I'd think yes, there can be differeneces
> in them.  
> --> Steve Wahl

maybe there's no difference between softs if we don't do nothing but 
"play" a wave file. but as soon as we change level etc.. there's 
differences. Noticed differences between professionnal (like Ardour) and 
low cost budget softwares. (MS2006 and Magix SamPro=differencies, even 
with the same tracks etc...) Noticed diffencies with Ardour (probably 
better audio soft never had, but when I record music with Ardour, i 
can't forget all parts of the system are different: Ardour + jack + 
Linux instead of win + "sonar/sam etc" + win drivers etc...)

Or it's only psycho-acoustic... don't know.

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