[ardour-users] M-Audio Techsupport answer about Audiophile 192

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Wed Sep 28 12:20:31 PDT 2005

On Wed, 2005-09-28 at 21:11 +0200, Andreas wrote:
> Hello all!
> I recently asked M-Audio about what chip is used in their
> Delta Audiophile 192 (since it wasn't listed in alsa-project.org)
> http://www.m-audio.com/products/en_us/Audiophile192-main.html
> This is the reply and I guess it says that it will work using alsa:

the last time this was discussed, it did not work with ALSA.

and someone needs to tell M-Audio that 4-Front's drivers provide an API
that has been officially deprecated by the Linux kernel maintainers. it
still works, and there is even a JACK driver for it, but it is like
saying "4-Front makes drivers for Windows using the kernel driver API
from Windows 95". i.e. more than just a little ridiculous.


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