[ardour-users] M-Audio Techsupport answer about Audiophile 192

Andreas andreas at bolanski.com
Wed Sep 28 12:11:22 PDT 2005

Hello all!

I recently asked M-Audio about what chip is used in their
Delta Audiophile 192 (since it wasn't listed in alsa-project.org)


This is the reply and I guess it says that it will work using alsa:

The chip on the AP 192 is 1724 envy 24.

M-Audio uses a 3rd-party Vendor for Unix support. 

4Front Technologies develops and supports Unix drivers for our
Revolution and Delta series of products. 

The software is available for free evaluation and non-profit use but
4Front charges a fee for technical support and commercial use. 

They can be found at the following web address:

There are also Linux drivers available for some of our products on this

Please note that M-Audio does not endorse the use of these drivers and
we have no direct involvement in developing them.

I find this nice since I only need stereo (Balanced) i/o and SPDIF i/o
and the card is kinda cheap. 1795 SEK or 227 USD

/Andy Sweden

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