[ardour-users] ladspa not found in ardour 0.9-beta30 mac os x

Jesse Chappell jesse at essej.net
Tue Sep 27 13:59:04 PDT 2005

Yes, this problem appears to be a 10.4.x issue, and I think it
is going to take some debugging by a developer on 10.4 (hint hint)
to get to the bottom of it.

By the way, all OSX ardour users (who installed from a DMG) should upgrade
to the latest 0.99 version at http://ardour.org/releases/ardour-0.99.dmg

In the near future, a special Tiger build will be made with some
vector optimizations enabled, but until then we would appreciate
some use/testing of the 0.99 release.


Taybin Rutkin wrote on Tue, 27-Sep-2005:

 > The only way ardour could load the vst plugins is if it first found the vst->ladspa.so ladspa plugin.  This makes me think it is still a bizarre path issue.
 > Taybin
 > -----Original Message-----
 > From: libero.mureddu3 at fastwebnet.it
 > Sent: Sep 27, 2005 4:01 PM
 > To: ardour-users-ardour.org at lists.ardour.org
 > Subject: [ardour-users] ladspa not found in ardour 0.9-beta30 mac os x
 > Hi,
 > first of all congratulation for your amazing software, I've just started
 > using ardour, and I'm amazed how well it seems to work!
 > I have one problem: ardour doesn't find the ladspa plugins by Steve Harris,
 > that I've installed in /usr/local/lib/ladspa.
 > On the other side, ardour find the vst plugins.
 > I've tried putting the plugins in several places, but with no result.
 > Can someone help me?
 > Thank you in advance, and, again, congratulation!
 > Libero Mureddu
 > ardour 0.9beta30
 > mac os 10.4.2

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