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O/H Geoff Beasley ??????:

> Quality costs, but not much more ! Look around for boards that sport
> NVidia or Via chipsets. They are better. Via had a truck load of woes
> with Windoze, but not Linux to my knowledge. Modern Via chips are as
> fast and reliable as any other. If someone can prove otherwise I would
> be interested to know.

Ehmmm... I have to disagree with you:
Via chipsets have been proven disastrous for audio work in linux, as is
stated also on the ardour website: http://ardour.org/requirements.php
Some extra googling can prove me right. Of course this could have
changed in the meanwhile, but I wouldn't count on it.

In regards of nforce chipsets, free drivers and software written for
them are still in early fase, due to nvidia marketing-policy (closed
source, not providing specs etc etc) and are still beeing reverse
engineered, but they're not yet finished. Someone COULD grab the binary
drivers, but in case of latencies or other problems he wouldn't have the
minimum probability to get things fixed by nvidia; I really don't think
nvidia is targeting pro-audio or video work, but rather gaming, beeing
as the only counterpart to ATI, therefore....

So, what other chipsets remain? Well, Sis for example, which I've used
for a very long time not having any problems, or Uli (ex Ali), which
actually is making chipsets for the AMD64 platform that seem really
promising (M1695 just published).

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