[ardour-users] newbie: exporting to mp3

Frode Haugsgjerd froh at fsb.gotdns.org
Wed Sep 14 02:32:52 PDT 2005

On Tue, 2005-09-13 at 20:49 -0400, Andy Joslin wrote:
> Thanks everyone for the help... some of you who responded both on and
> off-list had some really helpful ideas.  I'm sorry I opened up a can
> of worms... please forgive the newbie. 
> Although I disagree that a DAW has no business 'exporting' a lossy
> format...  While it's main goal is quality sound, it's not
> inconcievable that an mp3 be generated every now and then.  For now I
> will use an external converter.  I was just trying to keep the whole
> process simple, since there are some in our shop that aren't familiar
> with linux, and could be dangerous at the command line. 
> tomAto ... tomaato 
> Thanks again,
> great gorup BTW
Sounds like Ardour is overkill for your needs then? Audacity can export
to mp3, but it uses OSS, and is not as suitable for studio work.

Maybe the export to FIFO idea could go into the "export to file" chapter
in the manual?

Frode Haugsgjerd

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