[ardour-users] Live auditioning? (Pro Tools/Ardour vs. Cubase SX)

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Tue Sep 13 11:51:18 PDT 2005

> Note that the way I'm set up right now the HDSP 9652 doesn't route
> input audio in it's hardware mixer. All input audio comes only to
> Ardour.
> Within Ardour I have 
> Hardware monitoring == off
> Software monitoring == on (is this needed? Not sure what it is exactly)

s/w monitoring means that when ardour thinks you should be hearing
incoming audio, it will attempt to make sure that happens.

> Note that the buttons for the bottom four options on the Misc page
> seem to be problematic:
> 1) Auto-connect new track inputs to hardware is always reset to on
> when I save and restart a session. The shape is a red square.

yeah, probably a typical state-not-saved buglet.

> 2) The lower 3 options are sort of up or down arrows that change their
> lighting as my mouse passes over them. They are different than all the
> other option buttons.

they display the miserable way that GTK+ v1 shows "radio buttons" where
you can pick one and only one of a set of options. we do not use them
much partly because GTK v1 displays them so badly. this will be very,
very much better with GTK v2.


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